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    New Car Dealership Business Plans, Open Points and Factory ApplicationsBusinessPlanCovers2

    On more than one occasion, our clients have been told by decision makers that our plan was among the best they had ever seen. On the other hand, there were times we advised our clients to pass on a store or open point because our independent analysis indicated the demographics, or other factors, would not support the potential the factory suggested.

    Items covered by our plans include, among other things, research, analysis and conclusions regarding:

    ✓ A description our client’s proposed site location and facility plans
    ✓ A discussion of how our client’s plans would comply with minimum facility requirements
    ✓ Management Compensation plans of employees
    ✓ An analysis of New vehicle sales
    ✓ An analysis of Used vehicle sales including certified programs
    ✓ An analysis of Parts and Accessories sales (both retail and wholesale)
    ✓ A discussion of Service operations
    ✓ A discussion of any anticipated Management fees
    ✓ A plan for Advertising
    ✓ Our client’s commitment to the factory’s brand image and sign programs
    ✓ A discussion of use of facilities
    ✓ A discussion of our client’s proposed Community Involvement
    ✓ A discussion of our client’s business philosophy
    ✓ Our client’s Mission Statement
    ✓ How the dealership plans to embrace the concept of total customer satisfaction
    ✓ Our client’s Management structure
    ✓ Our client’s philosophy regarding Employees empowerment for resolving customer issues
    ✓ Our client’s commitment to enroll dealership personnel to participate in factory training programs
    ✓ A discussion of whether & how the compensation structure of employees/management will be tied to CSI
    ✓ Our client’s New and Used vehicle delivery process
    ✓ The Customer Parking situation
    ✓ Our client’s procedure for Customer Follow-up
    ✓ Our client’s Parts and Accessories inventory management systems
    ✓ Our client’s Service business hours
    ✓ The Customer Amenities we plan for the dealership
    ✓ A discussion of our client’s other customer satisfaction policies

    Plus an organized Table of Contents and Exhibits List.

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